The download section offers you all direct PyQt related material. This features PyQt, PyKDE and sip for a wide range of platforms.
Binary downloads
Please choose the appropriate package to download. If you do not find a binary package for your architecture, look in the source section. Also note, some packages like PyKDE do not exist for Windows Systems.

  Unstable Currenty versions : Default repositories
Snapshots : Only Qt 3 versions. More info here (external)
  Testing sip/PyQt stable (default repositories)
  Stable Qt2/Qt3 versions. More info here (external)
Red Hat  
  7.3 sip 3.3.2, PyQt 3.3.2, PyKDE 3.3.2
SuSE Linux  
  8.1 sip (2002.11.14), PyQt (2002.11.22), QScintilla (2002.11.22) Eric3 (2002.11.22)   (README)
sip 3.4, PyQt 3.4, PyKDE 3.3.2   (README)
  8.0 sip 3.4, PyQt 3.4, PyKDE 3.3.2
  All versions PyQt 3.4 (non-commercial)

Use the source if you found no appropriate package above. If you've successfully built a new package, please take some time to inform us. Thank you. For your interest : the sources are hosted at, which as also doing main development on sip and PyQt.

  .tar.gz sip 3.4, PyQt 3.4, PyKDE 3.3.2

SDK (comming soon)
Soon a SDK for linux and windows will be available. It will feature all you need to instantly start developing on windows and linux. Besides the tools and libraries you will also get a bunch of documents and examples, for beginners as well as experts.

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